Monday, March 27, 2017

Oldtimers Baltic Cup 40+ Alumni Game

After it looked like the Lithuanians would take it leading 3-1 in the third period, the combined Latvian/Estonian squad's caffeine kicked in and tied it up in a thriller enjoyed by over 50 cheering spectators, something we aren't used to!  Final Score 3-3.

Shots on goal: LTU, 1st 8 2nd 8 3rd 8, LAT/EST, 1st 7 2nd 8 3rd 8
Goalies:  LTU Ričardas Steer, EST Tonis Tollasepp

Box Score
1st Period
LAT/EST 12:46 G LAT Paul Kravis, A LAT Janis Tikins, A EST Davis Kalm
LTU 9:46 G Larry Richardson, A Alvin Kišonas, A Denis Govėdas
2nd Period
LTU 7:01 G Denis Govėdas, A Alvin Kišonas
3rd Period
LTU 12;25 G Derek Smith, A Brad Stephenson
LAT/EST 9:31 G LAT Janis Tikins, A LAT Paul Kravis
LAT/EST 5:12 G LAT Kurt Bergmanis, A LAT Ivars Mikelsteins, A EST Mati Unt

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