Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Baltic Cup Champions

The Estonians defeated the Lithuanians 5-1 to regain the Baltic Cup!

The Estonians poured it on early and turned back a valiant Lithuanian effort to rally the rest of the way.  An exciting game, the stands and surrounding areas were packed with loud fans on both sides.   Thanks to all of the players and organizers for continuing to make this a fantastic event.

Shots on goal: LTU, 1st 8 2nd 10 3rd 10, LAT/EST, 1st 8 2nd 11 3rd 9
Goalies:  LTU Danius Lelis, EST Juri Meema Coleman

Box Score
1st Period
EST 8:01 G Adam Migur, A Oskar Kalm
EST 2:49 G Ian Mehisto, A Adam Migur, A Mattson Meere
EST 0:49 G Oskar Kalm, A Paul Ehvert, A Adam Holmberg
2nd Period
LTU 6:23 G Matt Bonner, A Sam Pigott
3rd Period
EST 14:32 G Markus Paterson
EST 1:38 G Mihkel Poldma

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