Wednesday, February 28, 2007

North American Baltic Cup Tournament:

Iceland Rink #1 Mississauga
Friday March 30'th 8:45pm - Estonians vs. Lithuanians
Saturday March 31'st 11am - Estonians vs. Latvians
Saturday March 31'st 6:45pm - Latvians vs. Lithuanians

Win the game = 4 pts.
Tie the game = 3 pts.
Each period won = 2 pts.
Each period tied = 1 pt.

If two teams tied after above (which is highly unlikely), go head-to-head during tourney and then differential, goals for, goals against.If all three teams tied after above (which is even more unlikely), go differential, goals for, goals against.

NA BALTIC CUP FINAL GAME:(best 2 teams move onto the Final Game)
Canlan Icesports Etobicoke
Friday April 13'th at 8:30pm

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